Everything is Mobile and Able to be customized to your shoot/event.


4 large windows with natural light streaming inside

Norman 2000D pack with head

Calümet Elite with 4 heads & various modifiers

Profoto 7B pack with 2 heads & Modifiers

Various sized umbrellas (Black, Silver, Translucent)

3 heavy duty tripods & dollies

2 mini trampolines

2 boomstands: (Manfrotto & Avenger)

6 sandbags

8 v-flats 

2 8-foot ladders

3 4-foot stepladders

2 Beauty Dishes


HDMI Epson Slide Projector

Stereo Sound System

Assorted modifiers

Editing/Computer software & Dual monitor workstation

Secure mobile large eqüipment cage & safes

Folding Tables


Hair and makeup table, custom made.

Twin hair salon stylist chairs, imported from Italy & 1 Additional Beauty Salon chair

4 Rolling double garment racks.

3 garment steamers: (jiffy, rowenta, conair)

Rolling Lighted hairdresser/makeup station island

2 Irons + ironing boards

Professional hair hood drier

Rolling Stylist Island for Blow dryer, Hair Irons, Brushes, etc


Kitchenette w/ full large fridge & Freezer, microwave, coffee station, and tables.

Lounge area w/ Mobile sofa, ottoman, coffee table

2 safes w/ power inside to charge devices while locked    

6 turbo fans

Broncolor Lighting Company shoots in 20/0 STüDiO to introduce Siros