Kre8tivHAüS STüDiOs Full Day Rental

Standard Grip Only - Excluding not any Equipment Props or Furniture Usage
For Artists only for Non-Commerical Purposes

STüDiO #602
starting at $1400* based on 8 HOUR day
STüDiO #604 starting at $1200* based on 8 HOUR day

*There is $100 CASH ONLY clean up fee deposit. If client provides clean up service the $100 deposit is promptly returned.
Time begins the when first person arrives and ends when everyone has exited with their team/audience.

We can accommodate 1/2 day rates also.

We offer promo discount packages for 3 bookings within 90 days, and to all active professional ASMP, APA, and ASPP members. Must provide validation card.

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Kre8tivHAüS STüDiOs Time For EVENTS

Minimum 3 Hours & Depending upon needs for your event 

Bulk day rates are availble upon request *3 or more days in 3 month period*

Click here to request more information.

**Every situation & client is different, some may require more needs and therefore rates might vary depending upon extra needs.**